Visual Arts Publications


Arts Council of Mendocino County. Spring 2022. Featured Artist in the Spotlight

Psaltery & Lyre. December 2020. B&W print. tv rots your brain.

cahoodaloodaling. April 2016. Three collages: “I Made it Through the Wilderness”; “Rising Agate”; “Mountain Ash”. Mixed-media collages using Ansel Adams’ Yosemite as background.

Rogue Agent. January, 2016. “We Flesh Perch”. Mixed-media collage using Ansel Adams’ Yosemite as background.


MEDIUM art gallery. Ukiah, CA. February-March 2022. Cut & Paste. Two collages in group exhibit: “I Made it Through the Wilderness” & “false oath”

Kensington Public Library. Kensington, CA. 2011. Solo exhibition of five prints, Cloud Sidewalk series.

Bluestockings. New York, NY. 2000. Solo exhibition of five prints, Faerie series.