patriarchy tonic – a micro poetry film

My film starts at 3:15 (it’s only 35 seconds long)

The fabulous editors of Tiny Spoon hosted a virtual release party inviting contributors from their Consumption issue to submit virtual readings. I took the opportunity to create a micro (super-short) film for my poem, patriarchy tonic. It’s also a protection spell and stars my sweet kitty, Abbie “Abracadabra Dream” Hoffman. Enjoy!

trauma suture

My new chapbook, trauma suture, uses erasure to excavate small truths & reconstruct identity. I created these poems while participating in 30/30s in a group called The Poeming, created by E.K. Anderson. I work with two texts; Indexing by Seanan McGuire, and Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews. Most of the erasure or remixed poems were created using a single page of the text. I’m grateful to Rob McLennan for publishing it with above/ground press!

The Uplift on KZYX

Hi y’all! I’m curating a new poetry spot on KZYX for the duration of the shelter in place order. Send us your work!

Open Call for Submissions for The Uplift

What is it like for our community to live through the COVID-19 pandemic? Starting this week we’re dedicating regular air time for local-area poets, writers, songwriters, musicians, & spoken word artists to feature their reflections on the pandemic, as shelter in place stretches on for at least several more weeks. How is this collective experience affecting individuals, and how do we understand what is happening to us?

Submit wav or mp3 recordings of poems, short stories, micro-fictions, songs, & short essays to Selections will be broadcast on KZYX on Friday mornings at 9am, throughout the shelter in place order. 

Chaoite – Day 8


Dark grey mass


From meteorite

You abrade


Scale off memory of impact – 

Your shell

Not so hard it crumbles

Not so vulnerable it shatters

Resilience a specimen of the long game

Polymorphous – a learned behavior for trauma

Crystals have such nice faces

In a family of diamonds

Sub-metallic luster

Your allotropic

Double consciousness

White carbon

Thin bones 

Strontium -Day 7


Here we are

Shape of a worm

An interval of maintenance

This day we remain immure

Time a current 

Deciduous leaves

Here in the species latex

Breathe to annul

Rubbing stick parts 


Shrill dance of organ matrimony

Here lie vestigial buds

Their radial testament to joy

Any of several unfoldings to light

Charlatans for the wreckage – quick medicines

Caught in the points


So grateful for the warmth and delight of #sheltering in these poems. To be held by the woods is nothing short of majesty. So grateful to Aileen Cassinetto for publishing these three poems.