NaPoWriMo Day Seven

The thin connective tissue a wedding song

Outside, an organism –

Gregarious leaping from branches

            A dull musical hum


            All coordinates marry distance

Measure hostility of an old heart

Slowly – a meat snap



A stitched wedding dress

The heart now feathers for plucking

NaPoWriMo Day Five

The body met with an alter of the image of the body

What we see when we seek reflection

The ever a whisper an incandescent eye droop

Gravity seeking its own breasts cupped so the light can laugh too

How time makes us empathic for women we once reviled

Neglect and its chambers of dropped infants

The insouciance of stubbed cigarettes as woman spooned the creamed peas

Time is making my ankles heavy where I ripped and ripped out my roots

Extirpated that woman in the kitchen smock

Extirpated that idea of seeking permission


NaPoWriMo – Day 1


Crossing Bay Bridge in a Storm, or Morning Commute Geometry


Engineering serendipity

Rain rain rain

To grow taller and taller buildings

Animals in the phyla kingdom

The marsh of drag and drop

The perpetual habit daze

Shelter shelter shelter

What comes out from

Drowning hazard lights

Film of wet hush

Rocking my small icy boat

A tornado of white urges us