13/30: Celestite




The veinous interval

Sun splits the trees

The air becomes celestite

We are solvent


What now to do

but cook these skins

We won’t need them where we’re going



12/30: folly & carburetor


folly & carburetor


rap dogs of the sidewalk refrigerator

squeeze my carburetor

tire screech

ocean of car language

little voices from the hum

Saturday whining street music

we roll with it

a beam of folly and decay

skeletal longing

where are the roaring mouths & little feet

the spell of a dandelion whistling

rustle and rumble

each of us caught up

a splatter of constellations



10/30: sediment


the bottom sediments

if you let it

a whirlpool the normal tension

are we not living cells?

all the wild cultivars

and their babies

in a crystal sky-city

a whorl, a pith

a solitary action

We emancipate



9/30: the woods found within this body*


“the woods found within this body”

-from Half of What They Carried Flew Away,

 Andrea Rexilius*


my trust issues a clog

in my heart spell

small blisters


rainbow cuts

in the landscape


my leg undergrowths

spirochetes & chasms

having irregular hairs


in between breasts

my thunder belly



mortar, then –

the sticking nest of

desire for something


else not a marriage

not a lichen

though we did walk in

those woods

together for a time


All light melted

I was magma

Damaged tissue




8/30: rose quartz

rose quartz


Aureole threshold

is totem

Three rosy smooth stones


Fibrous & generally stable in ultraviolet light

One is found or one finds oneself


Irradiation forms dusky hues

Rock crystal asterism

My terminal bud


In each hardness a prism or vein

A loathsome pustule

A bubblegum center


A dichroic future of bilateral symmetries

Our stars pulsing under the skin



7/30: In the Staff Break Room a Lone Foil Star Dances


In the Staff Break Room a Lone Foil Star Dances


There is no wind

no tremble

I sit here reeling

from life’s rapidity –

the days melt in a flurry

of job & family & email &

sex & tasks

how caught i am in this maelstrom 

as if to stay alive

This ocean

This paroxysm

of waves breaking

How we wash

over each other

is enough



6/30: synthetic skins


synthetic skins


dolphin embryo digitized forestry

reproductive animation

identifying calls & bone

teeth, roots, jaw, skull


This is the mouth under my body plan

This is the muscle of the water


digital animal sounds

television of the interior

pixelated whistling for blood

a pathology, a tincture


oh digitized meat war

we’re coming for you



3/30: chalcedony



the gentle subtlety of true light breaks

arrests then aggregates radiating

how the glow extends to us despite our faults


crystal life system your gap symmetry a balance of victories

moss agate, the nacreous imagine, stalactite, a petrified wood for lovers

how you hover as forms

in the interstices


warrior, queen

your magnanimity

a wonder seeking air



2/30: Aurostibite




i’m not radioactive

there’s a horizon over my grimace

lead grey no gammas protuberant teeth

the sonogram catches my gravity


diploidal i’m a star symbol a fracture among the shimmer

my crystal system two Ty fighters on the wind

a metallic streak


Au get off my diaphaneity

What I lack in sulfur I make up in cell dimension

666 – mark of the beast

Good luck finding my cleavage