6/30: synthetic skins


synthetic skins


dolphin embryo digitized forestry

reproductive animation

identifying calls & bone

teeth, roots, jaw, skull


This is the mouth under my body plan

This is the muscle of the water


digital animal sounds

television of the interior

pixelated whistling for blood

a pathology, a tincture


oh digitized meat war

we’re coming for you



4/30 calcite



in the cavities i’m colorless

hot like a rotting tooth

i become new forms

concretion among the fading druse

vitreous as cut glass

i effervesce

but how i fracture

is witness

to all that petrifying




3/30: chalcedony



the gentle subtlety of true light breaks

arrests then aggregates radiating

how the glow extends to us despite our faults


crystal life system your gap symmetry a balance of victories

moss agate, the nacreous imagine, stalactite, a petrified wood for lovers

how you hover as forms

in the interstices


warrior, queen

your magnanimity

a wonder seeking air



1/30: rock beach


rock beach

we dig for ancestors

of, relating to, or tending those hard, dark rocks

opaque in their soliloquies always why me why me why

we coax time from their celestial bodies

our instruments gaining measure in the

massive bed of (p)latitudes