Since I’m procrastinating putting the finishing touches on my CLA paper for DIYnamic: Librarians in Motion, I thought I’d update my patient & abiding blog, ye olde maw of white space. Hello to you, dear reader.

You may be aware that I recently began my first FTE librarian position with Mendocino County Libraries that required a move up north from the beloved Bay to the small town of Ukiah. Having spent most of my life in big cities (28 years in Brooklyn, 12 in SF) it’s been endlessly fascinating to finally live in a small town where kitties plop themselves in the middle of quiet streets, trucks ride your ass if you slow down to 40 mph on busy ones, and one can know one’s neighbors along with some of their library usage habits. It’s wonderful. How have I not done this sooner? Anyway – since I have one hour until my son releases from the education industrial complex and I do need to finish that paper, I will leave you with a few reports of my library adventures. Much love to you.

Ukiah Library launches new teen group

 Notes from the Teen Room

Branch Lib Report SEPT 2014 – ME