dictionary poem


Ambulatory intense discard as if with branches, drawn axes

To scale erosion with figures the wall held to a fire

To become solemnly visible, gratification of the body

A curving, a fabric, tidal device a study of

Sub-atomic music the absolute brightness

toward birds


“When something new evolves, it is often built out of old parts”

Salt glistens on its wing turns to tongue alkaline sweat of iridescence in summer sun it was a hot gutter it was a hot gutter but there were rainbows

Twitching song of steeler’s jay, attached at the stitched up the botched in the middle -screech of barn owl seeking dark for its maternal, they put the baby in your arms and expect – common loon a smooth jazz riff, albino hunts the steel guitar – furry flapping of bellied sandgrouse, fetal algae up jump the boogie – birdsong triggered by pituitary light





All that glitters in the warbling – dusty and rolling through leaf litter We called and called out to you – slot machine interloper, your glitter a TV movie your glitter a capitalism a desire for punching clocks. All that glitters is a last day for FREE SHIPPING a NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED 62% off our magic giveaway. All that glitters is your blood splayed on the dart board we sell back to you at a discount we’ll take your sperm too. You’re invited to the bad news of tomorrow, the embarrassing video, the urgent meeting, the whining. All that glitters is a whore sandwich.



*from NaPoWriMo prompt Day 27


anagram poem

A feelers motile Harlot the monies Hoist your lily, tortoise A foreseen heist Smite the lithe, slap a blond Hem of a serif’s unrest Softer, forest Flies flies sheen heresy Flies flies sheer limn Emit time from dust motes File that elf fore it molts The rime of serfs Softer, forest Etherise the line of seethe Hello fins

Faerie Drill*


Each day must whimsy

A kindness, a cement truck

Calculus of the usual commute torture


Go under the microscope

Veins in the green over grey, grey over green, oops – the grey grey

The fairy fly terminate in hairlike fringe


Full body vibration as earth charged flesh with a zing zazz

Tectonic nerve tissue

Excavation of bones for romance


We held hands beneath the dirt

We wanted to be trees


*with thanks to Kevin for conjuring the concept of faerie drills

Heart Spell (co-opted from ad I see in the subway)

A heart with wings

A heart for discover.com

A heart for the gluttonous

A heart for the homeless woman

with two kids and a heart

saying “every little bit helps”

A heart for the lonely, hungry

A heart for the oil companies

A heart for cancer and its bodies

A heart for virus and survivors

A heart for bankers

A heart for farmers

A heart for mothers and soldiers

and fathers and children

A heart for teachers

A heart for plankton

A heart for baristas

A heart for anarchists

A heart for capitalists

A heart for the sea urchin

A heart for the shark

A heart for algae

A heart for tree bark

A heart for cosmopolis

A heart for socialites

A heart for the housewives of New Jersey

A heart for poets

A heart for Boston

A heart for prisons

A heart for free bodies

A heart for binaries

A heart for the dialectic

A heart is comfort

A heart covers the wound

A heart for the paradox

Field Guide for British dragonflies (Odonata)

Mesothorax –

Large energy heart field


At the attachment

Swollen segments


A yellow sun, a black sun

Between the wings yellow


The length of imago

Denticulated at basal half

Dorsal longitude


A nymph’s inconvenience

A collection of pet insects


Generally speaking, among the tentacles

Specimen –


Fossilized species

The contents are granular


Changes of skin occur

The larvae, the pupae, lacunae

Thoracic atmosphere


The insect is exhausted

Weak and feeble light, wings glissant