huminsect – a new chapbook from dancing girl press


I’m excited to announce that my first chapbook huminsect is now available from dancing girl press. As someone who’s been producing DIY chaps for a while, I know (and most of you do as well) how labor-intensive the process is – and I am so grateful to Kristy for her hard work and dedication to the printed book. Also – her books are stunning! I hope you will check them out.


A bit about the book:

Writing this work was a way to give witness to the convergences of the reader/writer by incorporating some found language derived from my autobiographical dictionary -a source text I’ve compiled of words new to me discovered through reading. So on some level – you’re all in it too. If we conceive of the body as a gathering place where knowledge becomes assimilated and experiences are felt, it becomes an intersection of all it touches and is touched by.