dictionary poem


Ambulatory intense discard as if with branches, drawn axes

To scale erosion with figures the wall held to a fire

To become solemnly visible, gratification of the body

A curving, a fabric, tidal device a study of

Sub-atomic music the absolute brightness

Dictionary Poem

Cleavage appears first

Any member a mouth


Developing indeterminate isotopes

The sea squirts, the fish in layers


A penetration of epithelial

A substance of killing


To draw in water

A baby, a cloud

The edentate

Colorless material relating


Latitudes for the sidereal

Established for the treelike


Used furs a number of ornamental loops

Haunt of the ferocious


Armor from the splinters

I made my own scaffold



Granular anthems the shrub of a genus

Sometimes used as a gemstone

Married, transparent, from rendered fats