My So-Called Larval Life


The executive wanted her larvae so I purchased the artificial diet

There was a gourmet guy selling vac-paks – no molting in the mouth

I acquiesced to the cubicle I salivated for mulberry leaves


Lemon yellow & lungless I breathed through small holes

Chewed on Instagrammed instar memories

Oh  – happy moth memories


Today in captivity I stare at pixels

Come visit my thorax come sleep in a roomier skin

We’ve lost the ability to fly

A spinning black – a production cycle



autobio – day six

Gently falling skin economy

Expectation – snow

A meridian of angles to better

The quacking of a fragile biology

Feathered eggshell of a father


To pollute our failures we lubricated silence

Crashed the sneering anti-party

Hid carapace’s measure in a cube

A field guide to pieces

Medicine glass – a fire


prompt from Poets & Writers’ The Time is Now:

Make a list of ten words by flipping randomly through any book–a dictionary, a poetry collection, a novel, an encyclopedia–and choosing a word you see on the page. Incorporate these words into a poem made up of three stanzas composed of five lines each.