The Operating System. 2018. field guide to autobiography.


above/ground press. 2018. little ditch

poems-for-all. 2017. abalone.

poems-for-all. 2017. green glass asterisms.

poems-for-all. 2017. the leaves, the leaves.

dancing girl press. 2015. Pigtail Duty

dusie press. 2014. prism maps.

dancing girl press2013. huminsect

Essays & Articles

Poet-Librarians in the Library of Babel. 2017. Poetry & Libraries: An Etho-Poetics

Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship (JERL). 2013. Crowdsourcing Content to Promote Community and Collection Development in Public Libraries.

Short Stories

Menacing Hedge. (Best of) Print Anthology. 2017. Mary.

Menacing Hedge. 2016. Mary. (Pushcart nomination, 2016)

580 Split. 2010. Yia Yia


The Tiny. 2019. “Hunger Queen”; “twenty-ninth suture”; & “Apatite”

Ethel. 2019. “ditch poem #20”

Really System. 2019. “Ephemeroptera”; “Poetry Walk

Berkeley Poetry Review. 2019. “Hydra in Her own Dust”

Dream Pop Press. 2019. “fifth suture”; “sixth suture”; “eleventh suture”; & “twenty-fifth suture”

Pretty Owl Poetry. 2019. “third suture”; “fourth suture”; “eighth suture”; & “twentieth suture”

Dial a Poet. 2019. “Capitalism’s Echolocation”

Nomadic Coffee. 2019. “A Human is a Half-way House to a Bird”; “Capitalism’s Echolocation”; and “we built this self on the sea”

Bone Bouquet. 2019. “Aurostibite”

Postcard Poems and Prose. 2018. “White Swan Tyrant”

Postcard Poems and Prose. 2018. “i snuck out”

SWWIM. 2018. “Imaginary Elegy”

SWWIM. 2018. “her story is your story is my story”

Five:2:One. 2018. four poems from Invasive Species.

Voicemail Poems. 2018. ammonite sonnet

Poet-Librarians in the Library of Babel. 2017. dirt lot

Dream Pop Press. 2017. shell; Gypsum

DUSIE Tuesday Feature. Fall 2017. alula

Gigantic Sequins. Summer 2017. Childrenite.

Yes, Poetry. 2017. ditch poem #13; marcasite

Arsenic Lobster. 2017. wilderness voice; ammonite sonnet; happily feathered in the forest, a girl.

Glass: A Journal of Poetry. 2017. that time a tree grew out of my mouth and i had armor.

Verse Press. 2017. H_NGM_N Poetry Playlist. two poems: i made myself from rocks; we built this self on the sea.

Italian-Americana Review. 2017. ruby-throated hummingbird.

inter|rupture. 2017. The Puberty of Rocks.

Alyss. 2017. Storage Bin.

NICE CAGE. 2017. two poems: GUTTER FLOWER; catalpa.

Dusie. 2016. Chrysoberyl.

Thirteen Myna Birds. 2016. three poems: pap smear; Speculum; hydrous borates

Aspasiology. 2016. Feminal Injection

Pith anthology. 2016. a pail of housemaid’s water, unawares

Rogue Agent. October 2016. the interiority of female misogyny

Rogue Agent. September 2016. ditch poem #6

Flag+Void. 2016. four poems: the halides; hematite; the oxides; western hemlock.

LUNA LUNA. 2016. five poems: milks the errors, crows, pre-teen ditch, dirt lot, otitis media

Pith. 2016. a pail of housemaid’s water, unawares

Vector Press. 2016. two poems: magma blisters; The End of DH Lawrence’s Apocalypse.

Delirious Hem. 2015. opal.

Lunch Ticket. 2015. gutter maps.

Queen Mob’s Teahouse Misfits. 2015. three poems: wilderness meat a feathered breathing, lemon morgue, asnakemetrical

Negative Capability. 2015. Featured Poet. two poems: leucite; abalone.

Tinderbox Poetry Journal. 2015. three poems: cellophobet, cormorants, subatombotanies

Entropy. 2015. seven poems: the paper birch, the apple tree, animal skirt, annelid, loons, chambered nautilus II, sea cucumber

TRUCK. 2015. four poems: wrens, terns, boobys, is_is

*Manifesting the Female Epic. 2015. two poems: milks the errors, the leaves the leaves

Mom Egg Review2015. mama, turn out the light

Delirious Hem2014. New Utrecht.

Open Letters Monthly. 2014. abalone.

Bone Bouquet. 2014. clasp.

 Bukowski on Wry: An Anthology of Bukowski Erasure. 2014. three oranges

So to Speak. 2014. urchin milk. 

carriage return. 2014. we flesh perch. Special print AWP anthology of typewriter-influenced art.

Menacing Hedge. (Best of) Anthology. 2014. Special print AWP anthology.

Finery. 2014. little stem.

dusie. 2013. eight poems: erasiromotor, digitized domain, the specimen, winged, stalked, Faerie Drill, Aphrodite, Gloria, bioluminadolescence

Bibliomancy Oracle. 2013. spider labia

Scary Bush. 2013. Seasons

Menacing Hedge. 2013.  five poems: epithelia, this plastic suit is really tight, line/limn, retrieval, from invertebrate series

 Sprung Formal. 2013. from huminsect; flower flames

Peacock Online Review. 2012. two poems: at the junction; in the slick

Octopus Magazine. 2012. four poems from huminsect: fragrant and pointless; spider labia; the tag says mother; the busy stellar nursery

Conversations at a Wartime Café. 2011. suddenly, there was kindness. it pissed me off; karate chop the meat cleaver (war)

Otoliths. 2011. three poems from huminsect

Front Porch Journal. 2010. two poems: animal style fire halo; to bubble is to begin to

Shampoo. 2010.two poems: railroad teeth; this rodent my eye

MiPOesias. 2010. My Mother would be a Pigeon

There. 2010. five poems: the green stone; Lucky Goldfish; There are trees; kelp body on sand; the quick will eat the early

Cricket Online Review. 2009.two poems: excoriated alphabet; porch

*Defenestration. 2009. Pappou Poem

LETTERBOX Magazine. 2009. six poems: pull parhelion; insect song cutup; watered my bed; Rattle, esophagus waist; wingless females; a mollusk heliopause

TRY. 2009. five poems: Simple, veined; Rum study; The sun is not looking so hot; The path to happiness is; Albatross

the press gang. 2008.two poems: Radiolarian the message; Green builds

*DEFECT CULT. 2008. four poems: Figure Descending into a Manhole; Bubbles through Blankets; Toilet Poem; Open Letter to a Boyfriend

Womb. 2007. three poems: Stalk; macro/micro; conch

Ur Vox. 2006.two poems: Abalone; Crocodile Headdress

Inch.  2006. Star

Defenestration. 2006.  three poems:A Slide down the Banister; In Praise of Cunts; Cut-up using Hemorrhoid Pads

Big Scream. 2006. four poems: For Andre; Now, in Warrior Flavor; Belly Skull; Ode to the Legs of an Oft-Talked about Poet

The Paterson Literary Review. 2005. Dusty Morning

Mentress Moon (Sundress Publications). 2001. We Are our own Metamorphosis.

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