Dinner with Phoenix and Aphrodite

My son (6) asked: “where do people go when they die?” I explained that no one really knows, but that people have different theories – sometimes based on which religion they believe in, and whether or not they believe in God. He quickly maintained that he does not believe in God, which he’s mentioned before. So, I asked him what he believes in.  He replied: “I believe in you. I believe in love. I believe in the goddesses.”


The mother of love says go on give it open up

The crown heart thrush rises – to overlook precipice

Take aim, glowing out light embers

Cicatrix phosphenes in the fire radial


Belly was the boulder belly the chasm

Upright stone slab – a storm of grey wanting

She lifts, fragments:


Membrane wing,

two breath,                         flesh devour


Spiny,                                     comb bearer,                                                 little ring




Love says: look and I am you.

Gloria (for Elizabeth Treadwell)

To you in the highest
Comestible sunset
A celestial body outlaw
Close enough to dump material
on that other star

Mad math of the prism
Mother of light
Helios – mouth of the annelid
Of invertebrate starts
Maw of the under beyond
Pineal subways, circulatory systems, sudden moon phases
Pumping vessels flowering ganglia

Gloria, fair
Gloria, olive
Gloria, midnight
Ejecting plasma

(anthologized in Elizabeth’s flash anthology: http://secretmint.blogspot.com/2013/04/gloria-flash-anthology-no-1.html)

Light: NaPoWriMo Day Ten

When light sticks inside bodies

The viscous imaginary

A protective sheath, a plastic coating, a waterfall


Orbital schema – an awkward grinding

Grey over buoyant grey, a rainbow scrape


When light sticks inside bodies

Bug jelly maths

Porifera make new hydras

Give Zeus the finger

A parthenogenetic hum

stuns the ocean floor


Leaves shoot duodenal refuse

A vein of cellular debris

But, to chop it –

A clutch of pearls through the stained glass

A pawing at the branches


When light is a family of bones

When light deviates

to hear birds and insects in conversation: napowrimo day nine

Common, common, uncommon

Distinguished from other wrens

Distinguished from the loon


The daily biology of the yield

Grey matter on a micro slide

Rub hind legs against


Females of a few species produce soft noises

Both pairs of wings sometimes small or absent

Note the inconspicuous jerking of its long tail


The song higher

Feeding mainly on bright buffy underparts

Feeding mainly with bright scolding rattles


Wings stalked at base

Washed off abdomen

Spend an ocean attached


The carapace of haunt

A sound-producing apparatus

Restless, resemble, raptorial hind feet

Archery of a heart plucked back – its steel reverb, Listen.


NaPoWriMo Day Eight


There is a fur in making

Scratches markings on its dorsal side

Spins irregular – is disorderly – chances



Danger: Keep arms and legs inside

Covers abdomen, swallows pill, depresses tongue

A mother rat after the maternal heart



Torn from its parietal (parent)

Sponges and other invertebrates

Stand motionless with pedipalps raised

NaPoWriMo Day Seven

The thin connective tissue a wedding song

Outside, an organism –

Gregarious leaping from branches

            A dull musical hum


            All coordinates marry distance

Measure hostility of an old heart

Slowly – a meat snap



A stitched wedding dress

The heart now feathers for plucking

NaPoWriMo Day Three


A human is a half-way house to a bird

Whiplike flagella that lash back and forth

Poking at echinodermata, appropriating invertebrate wraith


Is I what it means to be a self

A stomach the length of a performer’s discretion

Granularity of its stain – a tree ring


All night the hard fatty substance applied,

Slurps with an enlarged pink.

What are the attempted catechisms masochisms

The wind a push of carnivorous ghosts