3/30: chalcedony



the gentle subtlety of true light breaks

arrests then aggregates radiating

how the glow extends to us despite our faults


crystal life system your gap symmetry a balance of victories

moss agate, the nacreous imagine, stalactite, a petrified wood for lovers

how you hover as forms

in the interstices


warrior, queen

your magnanimity

a wonder seeking air



2/30: Aurostibite




i’m not radioactive

there’s a horizon over my grimace

lead grey no gammas protuberant teeth

the sonogram catches my gravity


diploidal i’m a star symbol a fracture among the shimmer

my crystal system two Ty fighters on the wind

a metallic streak


Au get off my diaphaneity

What I lack in sulfur I make up in cell dimension

666 – mark of the beast

Good luck finding my cleavage



1/30: rock beach


rock beach

we dig for ancestors

of, relating to, or tending those hard, dark rocks

opaque in their soliloquies always why me why me why

we coax time from their celestial bodies

our instruments gaining measure in the

massive bed of (p)latitudes




ditch poem #20

it was the wildness

everything was singing and

you tried to protect me

i resisted it was pitch

and forest it was the trenches

i washed my mud and

donned its mother i slept

among the trees my golden guilt

it was the wild nests of

Brooklyn summer it was the

Cyclone everything was grit

and sunshine a glitter

of dun sand. What is protection

he asked under the boardwalk

who rides the Wonder Wheel

i resisted it was milk

or the ditch

so i started digging.

ditch poem #6

we’re all becoming animals here

our scaly skins showing through the stained glass

why now why slither

the rainbow gate beneath suit sleeves

beneath chiffon and tweed

the rainbow plexus in our throats

once a wren ever an abalone shell

we were whole once

wander detritus wonder

the furs in the soft air

gentle browns of wood and bark

as the furs gallop by

identify me

call me into

curiosity pinwheel

i make little sparks

in recent lavas

we were the hands holding


we were the under

and beneath

to speak in soil tongues

to be called into ditches

to be summoned

venal wing

wet black eros melt

leaf matter and dirt cake

the cavity of I root

small declivities of teeth

along the rim

how the mouth knows

we were once rose quartz

we were agate

smashed and smashed

among the rock

your smooth body a reminder

dictionary poem


Ambulatory intense discard as if with branches, drawn axes

To scale erosion with figures the wall held to a fire

To become solemnly visible, gratification of the body

A curving, a fabric, tidal device a study of

Sub-atomic music the absolute brightness

toward birds


“When something new evolves, it is often built out of old parts”

Salt glistens on its wing turns to tongue alkaline sweat of iridescence in summer sun it was a hot gutter it was a hot gutter but there were rainbows

Twitching song of steeler’s jay, attached at the stitched up the botched in the middle -screech of barn owl seeking dark for its maternal, they put the baby in your arms and expect – common loon a smooth jazz riff, albino hunts the steel guitar – furry flapping of bellied sandgrouse, fetal algae up jump the boogie – birdsong triggered by pituitary light



anagram poem

A feelers motile Harlot the monies Hoist your lily, tortoise A foreseen heist Smite the lithe, slap a blond Hem of a serif’s unrest Softer, forest Flies flies sheen heresy Flies flies sheer limn Emit time from dust motes File that elf fore it molts The rime of serfs Softer, forest Etherise the line of seethe Hello fins