6/30: synthetic skins


synthetic skins


dolphin embryo digitized forestry

reproductive animation

identifying calls & bone

teeth, roots, jaw, skull


This is the mouth under my body plan

This is the muscle of the water


digital animal sounds

television of the interior

pixelated whistling for blood

a pathology, a tincture


oh digitized meat war

we’re coming for you



Published by


Melissa Eleftherion is a writer, a librarian, and a visual artist. She is the author of field guide to autobiography (The Operating System, 2018), & nine chapbooks, including the forthcoming trauma suture (above/ground press, 2020). Born & raised in Brooklyn, Melissa now lives in Mendocino County where she manages the Ukiah Library, teaches creative writing, & curates the LOBA Reading Series. Recent work is available at www.apoetlibrarian.wordpress.com.

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