little stem




My poem “little stem” is up at Finery, and will be one of seven postcard poems featured (in an extended version) in my upcoming Dusie Kollektiv chapbook: Prism Maps. “little stem” began as a postcard poem in conversation with the image above, and was mailed to a poet in the group. “A poet in the group” sounds ominous – alas, postcards are not cannibals; they’re a great catalyst for building momentum when you think you’ve no time for writing poems. (Catalysts, not cannibals.)

I have a soft place in the heartstrings for postcards and handwritten correspondence. So much can be said in the postcard space by diverse measures – dashed off fervently while waiting in line for groceries, exactingly laid down to enhance the postcard form, or scrawled to cover every inch of the text space. Postcards are a pithy and resonant form for the force, y’all.




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