Peer Review: Crowdsourcing Content to Promote Community and Collection Development in Public Libraries

Dear readers,

I just received the eprint link to my first peer reviewed article! I wrote this paper in preparation for the presentation I gave on the Poetry Center Chapbook Exchange at AWP, and it was recently published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship (JERL).

The model for the chapbook exchange was catalyzed by the need to invigorate poetry collections in public libraries and was expanded to include extant poetry communities. Watching the project grow from a seed in my brain as a library student to a thriving and evolving community of poet exchanges has been very fulfilling!

I’ll be updating this talk for the upcoming AWP conference in Seattle where I will be presenting alongside my Poetry Center colleagues in celebration of 60 years of the Poetry Center’s archives.

If you’re interested in participating or learning more about the creation and development of the Poetry Center Chapbook Exchange, please feel free to email me: melissa dot eleftherion dot gmail dot com. The site currently hosts a selection of readable/downloadable chapbooks in PDF format, and will be going totally live on December 1st – so stay tuned 🙂




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