Sprung Formal 8

Sprung Formal 8

The new Sprung Formal is out! And I have some poems in it which is fun too.

Featuring work by: Ben Fama, Abby Carr, Sarah Jean Alexander, Dillon J. Welch, Chuck Young, Teal Wilson, Abeleine Throckmorton, Brittany Ficken, Anna Kamerer, Rachel Benson, Malory Ward, Piotr Gwiazda, Nick Sturm, Stephen O’Toole, Jaclyn Senne, Marcus Slease, Nika Winn, Tyler Cain Lacy, Nicki Blanchard, Jessica Cornelison, Jessi Wilson, Adam Clay, J. Victoria Terrell, Matt Hart, Stacy Kidd, Laedan Galicia, Brian Clifton, Paul Siegell, Miles Fermin, Alli Warren, Melissa Eleftherion, Nathan Masserang, Andy Ozier, Anna Martin, Lauren Stookey

Thanks to the editors!


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